Annual financial statements

in coal

We finance the perpetual obligations of the German coal mining industry – that is, the consequences of coal mining which require the implementation of technical and logistical measures of unlimited duration: pit water management, polder measures and groundwater purification.

We unite
with stability
and security.

To finance the perpetual obligations, we structure our investments to be global and diversified, resilient and profitable. In addition to several thousand investments around the world, our three future-oriented strategic holdings – the specialty chemicals company Evonik, the residential construction company Vivawest and the holding company RSBG – contribute to our ability to fulfil our obligations.

On the basis of
our mining values
and traditions,
we are endowing
the future.

With our support, we make an important contribution to better opportunities in the future for the people in the former coal mining regions – above all in the field of education with support for disadvantaged children and adolescents, but also through our support for science and culture.

Statement by the
Chairman of the
Board of Executives

Bernd Tönjes

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Report of the
Chairman of the
Board of Trustees

Armin Laschet

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The RAG-Stiftung
at a glance

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Launch of BRYCK
© Mike Henning

Launch of BRYCK

The BRYCK innovation hub and future factory initiated by the RAG‑Stiftung began its work on 16 February. Located right in the middle of Essen, it brings together start-ups, science and companies with the goal of creating a liveable future. In its very first year, BRYCK supported over 30 start-ups in the fields of liveable cities, healthcare and hydrogen.

Centenary of the Folkwang Museum
© Sebastian Drüen

Centenary of the Folkwang Museum

The Folkwang Museum celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2022. Its foundation is closely linked to mining and the Ruhr coal industry. The opening exhibition alone, entitled “Renoir, Monet, Gauguin – Images of a Flowing World,” which the RAG‑Stiftung supported as the main sponsor, attracted 136,929 visitors and 1,012 guided tours from February to May.

First Xperience Day of the United Robotics Group
© Ines Walter

First Xperience Day of the
United Robotics Group

The Xperience Day of the United Robotics Group (URG), which was staged in the Jahrhunderthalle arena in Bochum, was like looking into the future. The URG focuses in the midst of the Ruhr region on the development of service robots that interact directly with people – for example in care, education or catering. The RAG‑Stiftung holds a majority stake in it through RSBG SE.

© Nico Kleemann

Annual press conference
of the RAG‑Stiftung

The Board of Executives reported on the past financial year 2021 at the annual press conference on 1 June and provided insights into ongoing developments (from left to right): Dr. Jürgen Rupp, Bernd Tönjes (Chairman) and Bärbel Bergerhoff-Wodopia.

Ruhr Piano Festival
© KFR Dana Schmidt

Ruhr Piano Festival

For more than three decades, the Ruhr Piano Festival has been a cultural constant in this transforming region. As the main sponsor of the 2022 festival, the RAG‑Stiftung supported its commitment to inspire people in the Ruhr region for piano music and to give young and old access to music. The festival ended after 63 events and was hugely successful, welcoming 27,000 visitors and 101 pianists.

Transformation centre for geo-resources and ecology
© THGA Volker Wiciok

Transformation centre for
geo-resources and ecology

Major goals are being pursued by the Research Centre of Post-Mining, which is sponsored by the RAG‑Stiftung and aims to develop into a transformation centre for geo-resources and ecology by means of funding from the “5-location programme” of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). The application was submitted in August 2022 – and the first milestone was reached in December 2022. The NRW Council on Structural Strengthening assessed the application as worthy of funding and recommended giving it access to funding of 44 million euros.

Ruhr Talent Days
© Stiftung TalentMetropole Ruhr

Ruhr Talent Days

The Ruhr Talent Days were held from 14 to 24 September 2022, with around 45,000 children and youngsters taking part in free talent development and career guidance events. Talent promoters, parents and teachers also took the opportunity to attend counselling and information events. The RAG‑Stiftung has been the main sponsor of the Ruhr Talent Days since 2017.

© Chancenwerk e. V.


Chancenwerk e. V. offers – in addition to school lessons – free educational opportunities for students, regardless of their social background. The RAG‑Stiftung significantly expanded its long-standing support for the project in 2022: With over 5,000 students reached at more than 30 schools in the Ruhr and Saar regions, this commitment is now one of the largest single sponsorships among the foundation’s educational projects.

Pit water canal in Ibbenbüren
© Volker Wiciok

Pit water canal in Ibbenbüren

The first of two tunnel boring machines picked up speed in Ibbenbüren. At a depth of up to 75 metres, it is pressing ahead with creating the new pit water channel from the outlet to the central shaft over a total length of 7.4 kilometres. In 2025, all pit water from the colliery is to flow without power-intensive pumps through the 3.6 metre-wide canal into the pit water treatment plant in Gravenhorst, which is still under construction.

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