Annual Report

in coal

We finance the perpetual obligations of the German coal mining industry – that is, the consequences of coal mining which require the implementation of technical and logistical measures of unlimited duration: pit water management, polder measures and groundwater purification.

We unite
with stability
and security.

To finance the perpetual obligations, we structure our investments to be global and diversified, resilient and profitable. In addition to several thousand investments around the world, our three future-oriented strategic holdings – the specialty chemicals company Evonik, the residential construction company Vivawest and the holding company RSBG – contribute to our ability to fulfil our obligations.

On the basis of
our mining values
and traditions,
we are endowing
the future.

With our support, we make an important contribution to better opportunities in the future for the people in the former coal mining regions – above all in the field of education with support for disadvantaged children and adolescents, but also through our support for science and culture.

‘The RAG-Stiftung can look back upon an outstanding year in 2021. Costs for perpetual obligations were in decline, while investments were successful. Through our support of education, science and culture, we made an important contribution to the further development of the region. The RAG-Stiftung thus fulfilled its obligations in spite of the challenging environment. You can count on us – this is true in the past and future in equal measure. And we will continue to demonstrate this in the coming years.’

Bernd Tönjes, Chairman of the Board of Executives of the RAG-Stiftung

Report of the Chairman
of the Board of Trustees

Dr Jürgen Großmann

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The RAG-Stiftung
at a glance

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Our mission obliges us to sustainability
In the BRYCK Tower, the members of the Board of Executives – Bernd Tönjes, Bärbel Bergerhoff-Wodopia and Dr Jürgen Rupp – talk about the challenges of the 2021 financial year.
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From an industrial region to a centre of innovation
The BRYCK innovation hub and future factory in Essen, initiated by the RAG-Stiftung, stands for the transformation of the region.
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The Foundation Group – an innovative and sustainable model
With their future-oriented business models, the strategic holdings of the RAG-Stiftung make an important contribution to the financing of the perpetual obligations.
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Investing with foresight
The RAG-Stiftung pursues an investment strategy with foresight: profitable, safe and resilient.
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Education as a key to the future
The PepperMint learning portal aims to add fun to the STEM subjects and close knowledge gaps.
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Developing solutions with science
As part of the MuSE project, the FZN is optimising water management in the former mining regions.
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Shaping integration – yesterday and today
The topic of integration is inextricably linked with coal mining – as exemplified by the special exhibition ‘Wir sind von hier’ with photographs by Ergun Çağatay.
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